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Storywork has been created by industry veterans to be your personal screenwriting coach.
Whenever you have a movie idea, our interactive tool is ready to help you turn it into a script-ready story, faster than ever.

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"Unbelievable. It used to take me months, if not years, to put together an idea  like this."

Irakli Rodonaya

Oscar-Nominated Producer


From a rough idea to a script-ready story within an hour.

Storywork is the first screenwriting tool 100% dedicated to idea development. A single session can take you from a raw idea to have everything you need to start writing your script.


A New Formula

Based on a brand-new theory of story development, we guide you through an 18-step process to build your story, brick by brick.


Leave No Idea Behind

Whenever you have a new idea, we help you explore it and save it, so your potential never goes to waste.


Q&A Story Development

Daydreaming gets you to an idea, problem solving takes you to a story. Through our interactive approach you will always know what’s the next challenge you need to tackle.

“I only had a vague idea about the genre I wanted to work with. Now I have everything. I can start writing my script right away.”

A. Salvi

“It's really amazing. It made me think about aspects of my film that I hadn't even considered yet."

D. Goretity

“Incredible. I was stuck on an idea but this app literally pulled it out of my head."

M. Herron

your data is safe


Robust encryption and siloed storage for your scripts

WGA Compliant

Ensuring full compliance while protecting your creative assets


Analyzed stories are not used to train any LLM models


What You've Been Waiting For

Virtual Coach

Developed by industry veterans and tested with hundreds of screenwriters, our proprietary Chatbot has been trained on years of experience and coaching materials.


Get your ideas structured and organized.

Idea Stash

A single dashboard for all your ideas.

from the founder

Hi, It’s Oliver 👋

I have been working as a screenwriter and a coach for almost thirteen years. I've seen how writers grapple with writer’s block and struggle to develop their raw ideas. But I realized that most of these challenges can easily be tackled by having a creative partner asking the right questions in the right order. So I decided to turn my coaching method into this interactive app to help writers build their stories fast and efficiently. And I hope it can be a great addition to your workflow as well.



Common Questions

What is Storywork?

Storywork is an interactive chatbot trained by industry professionals to act as your personal screenwriting coach. It guides you through a step-by-step process in an easy, conversational manner, helping you develop your ideas into fully fleshed-out stories. Within an hour of hard work, even a raw idea can be built up to have a completed synopsis, logline, outline, and character sheets, providing a solid foundation before you start writing your script.

What is the “Storywork Method”?

The Storywork Method is a unique story development method, created by industry professionals, to offer an alternative to rigid and impractical frameworks like the Hero's Journey or the Save The Cat beat sheet. The Storywork platform translates this live coaching method into a virtual environment, so you can feel like having a professional coach by your side, asking the right questions in the right order to help you build stories quickly and effectively.

Why should I use Storywork?

Storywork's proprietary method is proven to be efficient in pushing writers through creative blocks and helping them develop stories in hours instead of months.

Is Storywork only for feature film development?

While Storywork is primarily designed for feature film writing, its method can also be applied to novel writing or general story development in any medium if the format is not a concern at the moment.

Who can see my projects?

The active filmmakers in the Storywork team are strictly prohibited from having any administrative access to the platform or its output. Only our customer service team has limited access to a user's interface, and only in cases where a user reports a bug and gives their consent to investigate it.

How does Storywork's Chatbot work?

Our Chatbot has been trained on years of our coaching materials to be able to guide writers through Storywork's unique story development formula.

Is it ethical to use the chatbot?

While the Storywork platform utilizes AI to run its Chatbot, it does not perform any creative tasks. It merely assists in organizing thoughts and guides users through a professional story development process, where writers do the heavy work. It cannot be used to generate scripts, and it's not going to replace writers. Our platform's goal is simply to replace the live coaching service of Storywork and make our methodology accessible to more writers worldwide.

Do I own what I create with Storywork?

Yes, any content, as well as any element created with Storywork, remains 100% the intellectual property of the user.

What does the WGA say about using AI?

According to the 2023 WGA MBA agreement, screenwriters can use artificial intelligence when providing writing services, but only with the consent of production partners, and they cannot be compelled to use AI.

Will you use my data to train the Chatbot?

While Storywork utilizes ChatGPT to power its Chatbot, neither Storywork nor OpenAI uses user data for training purposes. OpenAI's privacy policy clearly states that content from their business offerings like ours is not used to train their models, not even for model improvements due to the sensitive nature of the data. In fact, using ChatGPT through Storywork is more protected than using ChatGPT directly.

How safe are my stories with Storywork?

While cyber attacks are a threat to any online app, we've built Storywork from the ground up with IP safety in mind, and it uses the best-in-class security features from Google. Storywork stores user data in a safe and encrypted manner, and users can also delete their projects at any time, essentially removing their data from the platform.

Why do I need Storywork?

Your first movie idea is on us.

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